B4Peace: Anchor of Peace


Before I share with you some of the best guidance I have ever received, I want to provide some context to the conversation. There has been a sure and steady unfolding on this path; so much so that a sense of responsibility for sharing beautiful peace with others came into my mind. I am not a stingy person, and I honestly wish everyone in the world could have some of this knowing calm that envelops my spirit. So the mind began to formulate ways to “aggressively” spread this message of peace and love and good things to other people. It figured “If I can get here from the turmoil and chaos of my earlier years, then surely so could most anyone else!”


But there was a problem with what my mind was trying to make happen: there is not an aggressive bone in my body. I am so laid back, you would have to lay back your lay back wayyyyyy back  in order to see me.Ha!

Seriously though, I’m a natural introvert, something like a recluse these days, and am totally convinced that whatever is happening is a function of perfection…so why struggle?

I was having an internal conversation between the mind and who I Am. The mind says it is my duty to go out and share these things, mySelf was saying “yeah but that’s not how you do things bro.”

Well I explained all of this in much greater detail to @AmyOScar during a one-on-one session and she turned it all around for me with two statements.

First: How absurd is it to think I can share PEACE with AGGRESSION. (crazy mind)

Second: If I AM PEACE then those who need Peace will be drawn to me. Easily and effortlessly. 

Amy told me to focus more on being peaceful by becoming an ANCHOR OF PEACE in the world by doing the inner and outer work. There is nothing to do other than this. There was never anything other to do than this. That dang mind was playing tricks on me once again.

So today was the first day our Meetup group hosted meditation at Hindu Samaj Temple of Mahwah. Prior to speaking with Amy my mind was contemplating all the various ways to publicize, invite and spread the word. My mind was very interested in getting people there. My mind set goals and expectations. But after taking in her words the focus switched from growing the group to just holding the space for peace. Even if I am the only physical presence in the room, I can hold the space for all beings everywhere. I can create a “Temenos” of sorts, by setting down an anchor of peace in that room that will not be moved or disturbed.

This was a much better option. Indeed, I was the only person there for the majority of the hour however through intention and Grace, I was sitting on behalf of all beings everywhere.

How peaceful.



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