Memorial Fund

My heart goes out to this family. Please click this link and just donate something, anything at all to help. We are here for each other.


“On Sunday, November 25th, we learned of the death of Brian Kohl, the most caring father and loving husband a family could ask for.  He died in a terrible accident doing something he loved, camping on his own-sharing solitude with nature.

He has left behind two beautiful young boys, Dakota and Sage, and the most wonderful wife, Sarah, who seems to be best friends with just about everybody in town and across the country.  We have all lost something in this tragedy.  
Please dig deep to help this family in honor of a man who literally would have given you the shirt off his back.  Brian was the main provider for the family and they are going to need our help until they can get their world aligned again.
The funds donated will be deposited into a trust fund for Brian’s family that is immediately accessible by his wife, Sarah.  This is THE BEST way to help them right now and into the future.  Thank you for giving all that you can.”