ThanksLiving: No Man Is An Island


“No man is an island, entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

This is what ThanksLiving is about…not the ritual of listing things we are grateful for, which is an important and helpful activity by itself, but a way of interacting with the world. Touch anything in your home and think about how before you even knew of that item’s existence it had been touched by many others. Someone conceived of it, maybe others produced it, and others shipped it, and someone sold it, or donated it, or threw it on your front porch without you even asking. Their breath is in your home, their sweat is on your dinner table, their ideas about what the world needs is laying in bed with you at night. In every moment, someone is taking care of you: preparing your coffee in the stores, clearing debris in the street, learning a new yoga flow to instruct your next class. Someone is in university today and will become your accountant, or your doctor, or even your mortician…this is always happening.

Being with the world in this manner provides something, dare I say, greater than gratitude. It provides a connection through which gratitude is but one of its many consequences.

No one works for themselves, we are in this Life thing together, intricately connected…ThanksLiving is the ongoing recognition of our beautiful involvement with one another.