Dambha — The Dance of Choice

(The twelve vrittis, or tendencies, of the Anahata/Heart Chakra are: asha, chinta, chesta, mamata, dambha, viikalata, ahangkara, viveka, lolata, kapatata, vitarka, and anutapa. It is my intention to explore these tendencies  as they relate to the practice of Love.)

There is no getting around it. Dambha is the tendency the heart to be deceitful, hypocritical, and fraudulent.


Listen, I have wrestled with this vritti for several weeks now. I avoided writing about it, hoping the magical answer as to how such a beautiful thing like the Heart Chakra could be associated with these negative aspects of our selves. But I guess I was hoping we were something other than the complicated and polarizing beings we are. The truth is we are capable of great love and just as capable of great deception. We have the potential to be both selfless and selfish with love – and that’s just the way we are. When it comes to the heart, it is not all roses and incense. There’s a darkness inside of us that is entirely too easy to access.

It whispers:

“don’t give too much, but take as much as you can”

“do whatever it takes to get what you want”

“travel down the path of least resistance”

“whatsoever you do, don’t let them know who you REALLY are, what you REALLY think, and what you REALLY plan on doing.”

Any of that sound familiar?

My personal experience reminds me of the several times I’ve gone down those dark roads. Hell, if I’m going to be honest, I am more likely to interact from a place of deceit than I am from a sincere and genuine place. We are socialized to hide and protect our true nature. We learn that being ourselves is embarrassing and sometimes painful. We learn that people will take advantage of us if we don’t take advantage of them first. We save our light for the chosen few we deem worthy.

This is the first of the heart chakra vrittis to remind of the choices we are required to make in order to experience Love.

If you love for your own sake, under the auspices of protection and hidden agendas, then you are choosing to be fraudulent, deceitful and hypocritical.

If you love for the sake of loving. Love because you ought to love. Love just so there will be love in the world. Love as the seed of every thing that will one day be beautiful. Love as the birthplace of perfection and purpose. Love as the embodiment of creation and completion. If you choose to Love openly, being yourself, with nothing held back; then maybe, and I’m just theorizing here, but maybe you will be better off. Maybe you will be at peace, and maybe the universe will love you back the same. 

Dambha is the Dance of Choice.