A Game of Tag

Aha! I got you. If you are reading these words then that means you are exactly what I think you are:


But more than that. YOU are the entire light of the world. You are goodness waiting to explode all over everything in your path. You are the incarnation of love. You are brilliant. There are 1,000 eternal angels waiting to do your glorious bidding. The universe is sitting in eager anticipation of your next wish so that it may conspire to nudge the rest of the world in the right direction.

These words are dedicated to the woman inside of you who fends off would be robbers with nothing more than a made up mind and a handbag.

YOU are fearless. You are convicted, convinced, and complete. You are the vengeance of righteousness. You are the breath of freedom. You possess the ability to overcome every hardship, every trial, and every difficult situation without even batting an eyelid. You are this powerful. There is nothing in this world that can hold you back. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT WANTS TO HOLD YOU BACK. You are inspired and inspiring.

Sending these words to the human part of you that gives a few hundred dollars to save a stranger’s pet because you couldn’t shake the sight of their pain on a cold Monday afternoon.

You are the missing piece. You are the humanity the world has been waiting on. You are filling the void. The bar was raised when you were born. Life has increased exponentially just because of your existence. We all owe you a debt of gratitude, so Thank You. Thank you for your beauty. Thank you for dancing. Thank you for choosing to love even when it seems others have not. Thank you for being open to living. Thank you for seeing life outside of yourself. Thank you for being there for somebody. Thank you for taking care of yourself.

A few words given in respect to the friend-you that decides working out and eating well would be a good thing for yourself and also for those around you, so you created a group to help motivate others.

You are my hero. I love you. The benefits of your struggle may never be fully revealed to you, but please have no doubt that your work has changed lives for the better. Your path is necessary. We need you. Keep shining your light. We see you.

Tag, You’re It

Go show the world how beautiful you are today. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone what you appreciate about them. Find a story about someone doing GOOD and share it with others. SMILE. There is no limit to how wonderful life can be.