You Can’t Dance Wrong

For God did not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (discipline, sobriety, wise discretion, self-control).

The same thing that kept you from getting on the floor as you awkwardly stumbled around middle school dance parties is most likely the same thing that’s keeping you from dancing in your life today: FEAR. Looking back on my formative years, it’s hard for me to understand why I was so afraid to dance alone, or even worse ask someone to dance with me. One time in college, a Kappa from FAMU once told me that the men in his chapter only knew me as “the dancing Nupe” because I was always the first on the dance floor and the last off whenever we had parties. This is a striking difference in behavior within just a few years of development. I admit, a lot can happen within a few years, especially during adolescence, but I will argue that my behavior changed after learning and internalizing one important thing: There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of.

Allow me to explain. I watched a lot of TV growing up, and somewhere between my sophomore year in high school and my freshman year in college there was an episode of some show that’s been lost to memory about kids going to a dance. One of the kids spoke on his fear of dancing and the others readily cosigned. But a wise grown up gave them sage advice:

“You can’t dance wrong. Just move, be happy and enjoy yourself.”

That was a big deal for me…not just for dancing but it was a building block for a point of view that has developed into a rather fascinating way of interacting with Life (if I say so myself). As far as dancing goes, I began to accept the freedom of doing as I please, given to me by a stranger on television, and not worry so much about whether it’s being done “right” or what others may think. The fear and the self-consciousness remained present for some time, but after many positive experiences of just dancing my way, they dissipated without much notice.

So this is my message for you today: YOU Cannot Dance Wrong.

Maybe you’ve been afraid about making a decision, or changing your style, or letting someone in…maybe you have good reasons for being afraid, but whatever you decide, just know that YOU cannot dance wrong. As long as you’re Moving, your destination is waiting for you. As long as you are choosing to Be Happy, then happiness will eventually find you on the dance floor (you may have to suffer through a couple of troublesome dance partners at first though). As long as you are enjoying yourself, it doesn’t matter how others may critique your moves.

The music is always playing and the floor is wide open for you.