Mamata — The Beauty of Motherly Love

(The twelve vrittis, or tendencies, of the Anahata/Heart Chakra are: asha, chinta, chesta, mamata, dambha, viikalata, ahangkara, viveka, lolata, kapatata, vitarka, and anutapa. It is my intention to explore these tendencies as they relate to the practice of Love.)


Hey That’s Mine

It is interesting that the universal sign for “hey, that’s mine” is pointing a finger directly at the center of the chest. And just as interesting is how the universal signal for “Me” and “I AM” is the exact same thing. What is the significance of our identity being tied into the things we claim as ours?

Well let me introduce you to Mamata, the fourth vritti of the Heart Chakra, which suspiciously sits in the very same area that represents who we are and what we have.

Mamata is originally translated as “sense of mineness.” But this is not the kind of possessive love that is bound by roles we have to play and roles we expect others to play. It is not “mine” in the sense of ownership, but it is better translated as “Motherly Love.” This is the kind of mine that says “if I did not exist, neither would you. You are a part of me. We are inseparable. There is nothing I can do that does not have pieces of you wrapped in it, and there is nothing you can do that has not been filtered through me.”

Mamata is the tendency of the Heart to be One with the Beloved.

I will not attempt to explain this vritti because at this point on my path I cannot say it better than what I have already heard…therefore I’ll just share with you some words I go back to on a consistent basis in my attempt to learn the true practice of Love:

One of the greatest problems that is bound to face everybody who is traveling the path, is to make a clear-cut distinction between love and attachment. They appear the same – they are not. They look alike – they are not. Attachment is just the contrary; it hides the reality of hatred and gives the appearance of love, it kills love. Nothing else can be so poisonous as attachment, as possessiveness.

It has happened to many, it is happening to you – because mind is so confused between love and attachment. And those who look at things from the outside, they always become victims. Attachment is taken as if it is love, and once you have taken attachment, possessiveness, as love, you will always go on missing the real thing. You have chosen a false coin. Now you will not look for the real coin because you think this is the real. You have been deceived.

Love means that you are ready to merge yourself into the other. It is a death, the deepest death possible, the deepest abyss possible in which you can fall, and go on falling and falling. And there is no end to it, there is no bottom to it, it is an eternal falling into the other. It never ends. To love means the other has become so significant that you can lose yourself. Love is surrender — unconditional; because if there is even a single condition then you are important, not the other; then you are the center, not the other. And if you are the center, the other is just a means. You are using the other, exploiting the other, finding satisfaction, gratification though the other – but you are the goal. And love says, make the end the other, and dissolve, and merge. It is a dying phenomenon, a death-process. That’s why people are afraid of love. You may talk about it, you may sing about it, but deep down you are afraid of love. You never enter into it.

–          “No Water, No Moon” Chapter 7, Osho

Mamata is the Beauty of Unconditional and Selfless Love.