Creating Space II

Creating Space has much to do with identifying with the Divinity within ourselves and others while negating our attachments to the physical world. It can be done any time and anywhere. The more we create space, the less likely we are to get caught up in patterns of anger, depression, anxiety, and all of those other uncomfortable emotions and non-skillful behaviors.

One of the most potent ways of creating space is meditating, but strength in practice comes from being able to to include mindfulness in our daily lives. Some people are creating space while cooking, focusing on the love they feel for those they are feeding or their connection to the animals and vegetables that will serve as nourishment for the body. You may create space by waking up early on a Saturday morning to do nothing more than have a cup of tea and look out the window.

Here are a few ways I Create Space in my world:

1. Coming to a complete stop at every STOP sign. Then taking a long mindful breath as I proceed forward. This reminds me to be present for Life when I get those “gut feeling” stop signs and it also brings me back to the moment.

2. Taking a long mindful breath when standing in line, while looking at those who are waiting with me and thinking about our shared connection.

3. Listening to enlightening podcasts like “Against the Stream”, “Zencast”, or “Mindfulist” while doing cardio at the gym. It seems counter-productive at first, but it provides a great contrast for the work that the body is doing. Besides being present for Dharma-related discussions, this practice serves as a reminder that while the body is active, the mind can be at rest.

What about you? What are some ways in which you Create Space in the demanding and hectic world in which we find ourselves?


2 comments on “Creating Space II

  1. lorijss says:

    I meditate like this: count “one” when I inhale and the say “I accept myself” when I exhale. This contributes to me having more peace within myself.

  2. Noel says:

    I create space when I stop at my front yard while I do yard work or take out the trash, contemplate on the tree, grass, the ants, or the clouds above me. I also create space when I observe the rain that falls on my drive way. Listening and watching water in very peaceful to me. Watching my kids play innocently also gives me peace, and helps me appreciate life more.

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