Good News Wednesday

Here’s some good news I learned about over the past week:

The London Festival this year will offer something new: “PEACE CAMP — A coastal installation celebrating love, poetry, and landscape.” The concept is hard for me to explain here, but basically they’re building tents all over the land that glow and recite poetry. Yes, the structures will recite poetry. Better than that, “The people of the UK are invited to nominate and record their favourite love poems and submit their own messages, creating an online anthology that celebrates our languages, dialects and accents as well as our rich poetic tradition.”  That’s Beautiful.

How about a school superintendent who decides he’s been paid enough over the course of his career and would rather see his salary fund schools. Larry Powell first asked himself the question “how much do we need to keep accumulating,” then answered “there’s no reason for me to keep stockpiling money.” So over the next three years he will only accept a small portion of his salary, giving back $800,00o to his district in this hopes of saving projects he cares about.

You and some family members are on an air tour of a tropical island when all of a sudden the engines fail and the plane crashes in the middle of the sea. You gotta figure it’s a wrap for you and your family right? Nope! Not when Good Samaritans are on the scene! “Passengers from a nearby boat saw the crash and sped to the scene, diving into the water upon arrival to assist in the rescue.” A second boat arrived moments later, rescuing the victims and inspiring the Atkins family for a lifetime: “Humbled by the number of people who stepped up to help during the crisis, he says they will be looking for opportunities to help others in their time of need.”

Pay It Forward Day

Don’t Forget, April 28th! What random act of kindness do you have in mind for this special day?



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