Buff For Summer

So I’m on the Stairmaster at the gym, cooling down from an intense workout, when this sign catches my eye:

Pretty good promo right? Everyone’s trying to get it right for bikini season and all that. Yup….nothing wrong with that.

And then I started thinking: “isn’t it always something?” I mean, isn’t it always another thing we need to get right, or get a hold of, or get to…the goal is always anything other than what  we’re doing right now, right here.

This sign says forget working out to relive today’s stress. Don’t worry about working out to produce endorphins right now. No need to work out just for the fact that it’s better than going home, sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips and reality TV. Nope, the future benefits of working out outweigh all of that and anything else you can think of that is helpful in the moment.

This is how they fool us. They keep our minds focused on what is around the corner as if contentment will be there waiting for us. They advertise their fulfillment concepts on billboards, and in commercials, and within the free apps we download onto our mobile computer-phones.  They research the best ways to infiltrate our minds and lower our defenses. And no matter the method or the words, they are all saying the same thing: “THIS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY! YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE FULFILLED WHEN YOU HAVE THIS!”

Not knowing any better, we run after all of these things…and we are consumed within a culture of consumption…we are “utterly convinced” that the next thing will bring us joy. And maybe it does..for a moment..for less than a heartbeat in time we are satisfied…but then another urge, another advertisement, another desire bubbles to the surface and off we go again…chasing Summer Buff-ness.

Do not be fooled Lovers. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, outside of you will ever bring you peace or bliss or happiness or satisfaction. If you are not convinced, continue to chase your urges without discrimination for one year. If you are lucky enough to live that long, come to yourself and say: “I have done everything my mind has told me will bring me happiness. Now, am I supremely happy…without further desire?” 

When you are finally Buff for Summer, and “Booed Up” for Autumn and Winter, and Free for the Spring; once again ask , “am I Supremely happy?”

I promise you will answer “no,” and from there, you are able to seek Supreme happiness within Self. You will see the distractions as they are: Entertainment on the way to Enlightenment. There is no rest and no relief unless we return to Self.