Good News Day

I was so caught up in my 40 day Sadhana ending I forgot that yesterday was supposed to be Good News Monday. I promised weekly good news, and I will deliver weekly good news!

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say they have found a “universal injection that allows patients’ immune systems to fight off common cancers including breast and prostate cancer.” This vaccine could work against 90% of Cancer Types. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this problem solved in our lifetime? I hope their clinical trials continue with great success.

I don’t know what you were doing at 11 years old, but it probably wasn’t Guinness World Record related. Catalina Mejia became the world’s youngest certified Zumba Instructor at that age. She went to a Zumba class, fell in love, asked what she needed to do to be an instructor, and (get this) She Followed Through! Inspiring.

Well the Maryland Mega Millions Lotto mystery is finally solved.The Good News is, “If it can’t be you, these are precisely the people that you would want to see win the lottery,” said Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery. The winners have decided to remain anonymous, but lotto officials gushed over their humility, modesty, and togetherness. The “three amigos” all work in public schools and have each said they are going to continue working while keeping their fortune a secret. That’s right, $35 million after taxes in the bank account and, as they put it, “I can’t give up my kids.” Now that’s love. I’m very happy for them.

April 28 is Pay It Forward day! Did you know such a thing existed? What better opportunity to Be Beautiful and Dance with others who wish to bring joy into the world. I am very excited about the energy that will be generated by people all across the country Serving one another. How lovely.