In Place

Way back in another world called November, Katy and I visited friends and family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. While we were there, Katy received a random call from an insurance company wanting to interview her for a job. Although we plan on moving back to Atlanta in the future, we knew there was really no way we’d be able to do it last year…so it seemed pointless to go through the trouble of setting up and going to an interview.

But we’re a family that says “yes” to Life, especially when odd and coincidental opportunities cross our path. I’ve heard, “coincidences are MonkeyDrop’s way of remaining anonymous.” The way I figure, Life is constantly trying to put me in position to succeed and thrive. It is up to me whether or not I want to dance to the music that’s playing or just wait for “my song” to come on. If I wait —  if I sit on the sidelines and hold up the wall — I miss the opportunity to be on the dance floor when the magic happens. Coincidences, gut feelings, livid dreams, strangers with messages, odd conversations…all of these things represent Life’s tuning fork, giving me an idea of where I need to be. When these songs are played, I MUST dance.

So it is in our best interest to say Yes as often as possible. Saying “yes” is akin to walking to the middle of a crowded dance floor, closing your eyes, and shaking your tail until the music stops playing. Saying “yes” puts you in place. This doesn’t mean that every time you say yes, something wonderful or earth shattering is going to appear right away. It means that you are in the designated area for Life to work through, as, and for You. Maybe you’re in place to be a blessing to someone else…maybe you’re in place to avoid a hardship elsewhere…maybe you’re in place to learn something, or see something, or be involved in something that won’t actually benefit you for years to come — giving you one of those “if I hadn’t have been in that place long ago, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself in this situation” moments.

I reminded myself of this lesson as I reflected on what I have learned over this 40 day writing Sadhana. I couldn’t put my finger on anything specific; at least, I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t ego-food (“oooh, traffic has increased on my blog”). But it occurred to me that I didn’t embark on this journey to get anything, to learn anything, or to be better at anything. I did it because Life told me to do it. More specifically, I had a gut feeling about it so I followed through. I said “yes,” without thinking about what the results may have been. And because of that, for the past 40 days, I have been In Place.

And that’s all I ever need to do.

Katy went on that job interview by the way. It was a position she’d never be interested in, at a time she could not afford to relocate, but she went anyway. Because it was just too coincidental for her not to be in place. I like to think one day we’re going to look back on that decision and say “wow, now aren’t we glad you went on that interview?” Who knows, maybe that day has come and we didn’t even know it…maybe her being there wasn’t for us at all…

I just like knowing that we’re a family that respects the importance of being In Place.