Thank You For Your Practice


Whenever a religious holiday comes up on the calendar, a discussion of its merits and origins are often brought to the forefront. There are those who point out the facts and detail all of the modifications that were made throughout history to social and political climates. Only a few years ago I would be quick to discuss these things with those of the faith. Such interactions never proved fruitful.

Nowadays though, I’m just happy for anyone who sets aside time and energy to focus on something higher than worldly interactions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a daily meditation practice, weekly Satsang attendance, or going to church once a year in your finest clothes. Every moment any of us spends contemplating the transcendental nature of things is a benefit for all beings. 

The same goes for actions directed towards self-improvement. All of the joggers you see in the morning, everyone at the gym on a Wednesday night, community college continuing education courses…whatever…when I notice someone doing something to be better, to know more, or see the world through different eyes, I appreciate the effort.

It is impossible for me to think lowly of another person, or debate their spiritual practices, when I contemplate the intricate way in which we are connected to one another. .. Your practice is my practice…what you love, I love…everything that inspires  you, also inspires me.

So I thank You for whatever it is you are doing to reach beyond yourself. I thank you for gaining new perspectives. I thank you for getting stronger. I thank you for seeking. I thank you for dancing and being beautiful…

I thank you for your practice today.



One comment on “Thank You For Your Practice

  1. Noel says:

    Kenajos, you are a very inspiring young man. Your posts are intriguing and encouraging. I agree when you say that “Every moment any of us spends contemplating the transcendental nature of things is a benefit for all beings.” Whatever we do to benefit ourselves spiritually and others as well is a step closer to heaven. Muchas Gracias!

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