The Motto

Yesterday Katy asked me what “YOLO” means…she has seen it written out on Twitter and Facebook but didn’t know where it came from. I explained the acronym and then played the song for her as a point of reference. I also explained how, unfortunately, young people are using this phrase as a reason to engage in scandalous and unproductive activities. We then spent the remainder of the car ride from Perth Amboy to Mahwah thinking of comical situations to apply “You Only Live Once.” This is a fun game and I highly recommend you add it to your list of things to do with family for good times.

I guess there is nothing wrong with YOLO from a certain perspective. The Hedonist in me understands it should only be used in moderation, but I fear the people who actually employ these words in their lives will not feel the same.

I offered some words of (what I hope to be) wisdom to a young lady at the gym today:

“You’re young…you need to be out there doing dumb stuff and enjoying yourself. But not stupid stuff. Do you know the difference between dumb and stupid?”

She said she knew the difference, but I walked away feeling like I should have explained further. Either way, I’m thinking YOLO would lead uninformed youth down a path of doing stupid and destructive things. No one wants that. So I got to thinking, if I wrote a song named “The Motto,” what would it be about?

I realized I have a few mottos:

1)      Be Beautiful and Dance.

2)      All is Well. Everything is Beautiful.

3)      Don’t let them fool you AND Enjoy yourself.

They are all probably saying the same thing in different ways…but if I had to choose one for the song, it would be……All is Well. Everything is Beautiful….henceforth known as “AWEB.”

I believe we could use more than an open invitation to participate in reckless behavior. We need something that will be there for us when things seem to be going downhill. We need words that will guide us into a state of peace. We need words that will dissolve any doubts we have about our or MonkeyDrop’s goodness. Beyond “you only live once,” is the truth that “you are alive, therefore work is to be done.” AWEB gives me the freedom to do that work without worrying about the outcome, or the setbacks, or the struggles that will certainly cross my path.

When you’re driving in your car and someone cuts you off to get to the next red light ahead of you: AWEB

When your boss blames you for her mistakes: AWEB

When your kids are super-hyper and your head hurts and the bills are due but you’re a little short: AWEB

When you’re sitting in silence but your mind won’t stop thinking: AWEB

When your life feels like it’s on Pause: AWEB

When your backaches force you to sleep on the couch every night: AWEB

No matter what…AWEB

This is my motto.