The Floor Always Needs Sweeping

I effort to make all of my day’s activities a devotion to Higher Self. I remember to be mindful of making the  bed, to give thanks when I rise in the morning, sit and prostrate to the Unknown. I think of Self when I cook, as I drive, and when I sweep the floor. My goal is to create a life that is singly focused on the truth, regardless of what I am doing. Of course, some days are better than others. Some weeks, really, are better than most. I’m constantly at odds with myself, knowing what needs to be done but struggling to find the moment-to-moment motivation.

Take sweeping the floor as an example. This action serves as a wonderful metaphor for clearing the mind of thoughts, habits, beliefs, stories, etc. When I tend to the floor I connect with the wisdom that the constant chatter inside of my head does not serve Me, it is a distraction from the truth, and the work I put forth throughout the day to sweep away these attachments will carry me along the path. A good thing to remember, except sometimes I just don’t “feel like” sweeping the floor in the morning.

So I have decided to remind myself every morning: “The Floor Always Needs Sweeping.”

This is not only true for the floor, but also for the mind. I could sweep this floor every hour on the hour, only to pick up more and more dirt and dust each time. I could sit in meditation every hour, only to be enchanted by thoughts, fantasies, and scenarios of the past and future. There’s always more to let go or release, no matter how strong the practice.

This will be my mantra for this Season, “The Floor Always Needs Sweeping.” It is a call to action and a reminder that there is work to be done.



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  1. Noel says:

    Wow! Is it a coincidence that I experienced something today that also served as a metaphor about “clearing my mind ” and living in the present during meditation? Being at the beach I contemplated on the sand washed away from my hand by the waves. Like distractions and anxiety being washed away from my mind if I let it happen.

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