Good News Monday

After last week’s installment of good news, I decided to make it a regular practice of pointing out some of the beautiful things that are happening in the world. Please click the pictures for links to the original and full stories.

Barbara Boxer and Jim Inhofe are shown here. | AP Photo

We begin this week’s journey into good news on capital hill. Not much good news has come from that place in a long time it would seem, but apparently legislators may be starting to learn their lesson. The Senate is actually, get this, passing bipartisan legislation in an election year. Whether it’s due to “legislative necessity, public shame and plain frustration with all the political dysfunction in Washington” doesn’t matter. The good news is that maybe the system isn’t all the way broken yet.

Joseph Sheppard, left, talks with psychology professor Jim Tanaka. The two direct an autism research center at the University of Victoria.

Joseph Sheppard (on the right) was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 36. He had been brilliant his whole life but struggled with a lot of the little things most of us find commonplace. Once diagnosed, he decided to change his life focus and become a leading Autism Advocate. “What I choose to do is change the course of the future for persons with autism, because I believe in them and I believe, given the right support and environment, they will be a strong force in repairing the world.” That’s good news.

Have you ever heard of the World Food Prize? It recognizes those who have increased quality, quantity, or availability of food in the world. I’m grateful such an honor exists. The gentlemen depicted in this photograph, former presidents of Ghana and Brazil, were the latest winners of the award. In 1991 one-third of Ghana’s population suffered from extreme hunger, by 2008 that number was down to 9%. Brazil saw malnutrition in children drop 62% between 2003-2009. All good news.

This is the First Lady of the United States. She is, as the kids would say, SLAYING in this outfit. A strong, intelligent, composed, beautiful, stylish, black woman as First Lady? Yes Please and More. That is good news.