Empty is Useful

It’s time to go through the emotional closet to clean out a few things for Spring. A lot of people use the Spring season to clear out their homes and unclutter their lives; but throwing out emotional and psychological junk is just as important. From a spiritual standpoint, disposing of old stuff creates space for moving forward in our practice. I think we overlook this truth because it’s possibly more difficult to release long held beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional entanglements than it is to finally give away those old pair of jeans that have seen us through several years. And giving away those jeans is HARD. You know.

There is usefulness that comes with developing the habit of continually Creating Space. Everything we hold on to is also holding on to us — holding us back, holding us in, holding us together in a state of duality. This Path is a constant giving away, letting free…it is losing, time and again until I understand there’s nothing lost, nothing gained, just Space.

“Nothing has ever had meaning. What is, is. Anything else is ego-food.” 

It’s the meaning we give to things that keep us holding on to them. But outside of Life itself, nothing holds intrinsic value. Holding on to this wisdom may give you the courage to throw out that useless China, or the useless exercise bike, or the useless books that sit idly on the shelves (talking to myself on that one). You give these things meaning in your mind, so YOU have the power to take away their value.

And the same goes for life experiences — heart breaks, accomplishments, ceremonial religious rituals — YOU are the source of whatever meaning these things have in your life. Your heart is not available for another love until you can release the pain from your last one. You cannot focus on life’s next accomplishment if you continue to relish in what you have already done. You are incapable of being present for MonkeyDrop’s miracles if you’re so enthralled with the last time you felt Spirit’s touch.

When you let go of something, you know exactly what you are losing…but you cannot begin to predict what you will gain in its place. The adventure of becoming is allowing Life to happen to you, letting go, then allowing Life to happen again. Whatever you have is just for profit, for comfort, but not of any real use…the Space you create by letting go of what you have, there is the usefulness, there is the movement of evolution.

What are you willing to lose this season?



Write a post on letting go of things and break your favorite wineglass not an hour later….gotta love Life keeping me aware of this practice of detachment and impermanence. Good things.



7 comments on “Empty is Useful

  1. bneal817 says:

    Very nice! We tend to get so accustomed to getting, having and doing, that is is ver difficult to return to just being… the empty space or “the uncarved block.”

    Much love,

    ~ Ben

  2. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:
    Really enjoyed this tonight… we forget that some loss we actually seek out. Great blog!

  3. rayannsom says:

    you said it perfectly. I make it a habit to let go of ‘things’ that sit un-touched for long periods of time.. I am just beginning to learn how to let go of mental ‘stuff’ – I like how you said to let go is to create space to allow life to happen… so true. Love that, thanks

  4. Larry says:

    Fantastic post. I like the idea of “spring cleaning” our minds. I don’t believe in spirits but whatever works for you works for you!

  5. Noel says:

    Great post! Emptiness is essential in our lives.

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