Walking Each Other Home

“we are all just walking each other home…” — ram dass

I like to think of us as letters on a page…rarely does one letter say anything by itself, and never can one letter tell a story. Every letter is dependent upon every other letter in order to function…they all need to be there and only be themselves…sometimes letters have to stand next to each other in order to make sense…sometimes letters stand alone…but the story can’t be told without all of them being in a tremendous variety of combinations. The letter that stands next to me may be close in proximity, but neither of us would amount to a hill of beans if it weren’t for the letters in the next word, or the next sentence.

We think we’re the whole story but we are just letters in MonkeyDrop’s Anthology of Existence. The sooner we see ourselves as part of this whole, the easier it will be for us to just relax

Be Beautiful.


“All we have to do is our function? We don’t have to overachieve, or get in half-lotus and stare at fire, or donate 10% of our earnings?” 

That’s right. Be your beautiful self, which also includes allowing the letters around you to be their beautiful selves. You don’t have to worry about what the next word will be, or the next poem, or the next anything…Life does the writing, it just needs us for punctuation. Soon it will be done with this chapter, or this verse..and then the things we call “you” and “I” will return home..maybe to be redefined and used again in some other way…maybe not.

Either way it’s not your call, not your job. Your job is just to be completely you, stand proudly next to the letters around you, and





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    Really nice post tonight! I enjoyed reading it. Let our pages not be blank but let us come together to write a brighter here and now…

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