An Exercise in Reminding Myself….

Imagine your life up to this point as a snapshot…one of those panoramic photographs that can span the length of your time on Earth. In this picture is everything you’ve been a part of, every award you’ve won, every accomplishment you’ve achieved. Your friends are there, so are your enemies; your family, of course, and all of the people you used to know who have been lost to memory and time. This picture is the life you’ve lived.

Now ponder this question: “Would You still exist without these things?”

Furthermore, if you were to lose an arm or a leg, or both arms and both legs…would You be gone?

You are beyond the body, and the experiences, and the relationships, and the stories…your job is return to your Self while you still can and before it’s too late.

You are beautiful and perfect. Forgive yourself. Now move on….



3 comments on “An Exercise in Reminding Myself….

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vinny @karmadrimed says:

    Thank for sharing. I truly believe what you wrote. We need to have a sense of immediacy and live life to the fullest. No need to worry, Life is already perfect, no matter what. It’s these reminders, little nuggets of wisdom, that make the path worth it. Very adorable picture. You two look very happy and have that sense of right nowness. Talk to you later. Vinny @karmadrimed

    • kenajos says:

      Thanks Vinny, I appreciate your feedback. And yup, we were very happy and in the moment..

      wow, I just realized what it means by “mindfulness getting in the way of the sunset.” I’m glad I was happy and in the moment, but not mindful of being happy and in the moment….

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