Polish Your Heart

There are two quotes on the whiteboard in our home that I cannot bring myself to erase:

“Polish your heart with meditation and quietness.” 

“Whenever possible, return again yourself to yourself.” 

Katy and I dream of one day having a Yoga/Meditation/Therapy center that focuses on helping others create Space in their lives. The concept of “Space” has played in my thoughts for half a year now, waiting to be developed into a working idea. Hopefully one day soon I will get around to that. Days like today, feelings like the way I feel, remind me of the need for having space between the world and Self. If we are not careful we can become disillusioned by the ills of society.

2012 prophecies aside, there is definitely a shift of consciousness happening all over the world, but things often get worse before they get better. Paul was on to something when he reported that our struggle is not against human opponents but against the “rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.” We are all fighting this battle within ourselves, with more and more people learning to feed the wolf of love and awareness and peace. But the ones who have committed to feeding the other wolf will not be so easily deterred.

It looks like we are fighting each other but in truth every battle that manifests in this world is first waged within, in the depths of individual consciousness. George Zimmerman could not have tracked and shot a child if he were feeding the wolf of love, Teenage children would not set another child on fire for being a “white boy” who “deserves it” if they are feeding the wolf of peace, Shaima Alawadi would be alive today if her murderers were feeding the wolf of compassion. Banks would not foreclose on single parents and honest families on hard times if they were being led by individuals who are feeding the wolf of generosity. Corporations would not steal labor from the poor in order to increase the wealth of the rich if more of these men and women were feeding the wolf of kindness. Religions would not discourage individual freedoms if the people who supported them were feeding the wolf of tolerance.

I often say “they are not for us,” when referring to the systems in place to keep us sick, uneducated, and unaware. But understand this…rather they are for us or not has no impact upon whether we choose to go along with their program. We must be for ourselves, individually and as a family. Serve yourself by creating space between the ills of the world and your true nature of peace. Create this space by sitting with yourself in quiet reflection, return again and again to that place in you that is not disturbed and is not at war and can only be touched by its own awareness.

But if you buy into the news stories, the horrible events happening as a result of people losing their own inner battles, then you will begin to lose ground to yourself. This is the true tragedy…that instead of growing from pain we create more pain. I beg you to not stand for this within yourself, your family, and your sphere of influence.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be healed and whole. May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease. May all be awakened, liberated, and free. May there be peace in the world and throughout the entire universe.



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  1. I had forgotten about the story of which wolf to feed. Thank you. ~Margaret

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