Disappointed but not Defeated

#TommyneedsTwitter congratulated me on the Broncos landing Peyton Manning yesterday, due to my lifetime of being a Broncos fan, not because I had anything to do with it in the least. Then she said “I feel sorry for Tim Tebow though.”

I was like “oh, don’t be…I’m sure he’s not feeling sorry for himself.”

Now I don’t know the guy at all, I only know what the media has allowed me to see. But I get the feeling that he lives his life from a different way of looking at things than most people.

There are a bunch of ways you can look at the world. One of these ways is as if it’s all about you, and another as if it’s all about something greater than you. Once again, this thing that’s greater than you can be whatever you find is True. Tebow calls it Jesus…I call it Life…for purposes of this blog, we call it MonkeyDrop. When you view the world as if things are unfolding according to a design and purpose beyond your singular circumstance, it’s a lot harder to feel sorry for yourself. You begin to see yourself as a part of the whole, connected to the story of an unfolding universe who’s story is just beginning be to be told. Furthermore, when I am in line with this Purpose, by doing my part and handling my corner of existence with mindful care, then whatever happens is always for my benefit.

This is how I can always say with confidence, “ALL Things work out for the Good for those who love MonkeyDrop and are called to do its Purpose.”

So things may not go my way, or I can be laid off of work, overlooked and cast aside by a lover, held hostage against my will even…doesn’t matter…so long as I am being true to the work of Life as I know it, then ALL things will work out for the Good.

Tim Tebow may be disappointed but I bet you he’s not defeated. I can hear him now, praying to Jesus with a fully surrendered heart. “Not my will, but thy will be done.” He’s awaiting his next mission, his next assignment to spread the virtues of faith, commitment, hard work, discipline, and passion.

Disappointed but not defeated. When you have faith in something bigger than you and beyond your small understanding, every obstacle turns into a bridge. Knowing that you’re on the right path, you immediately start to look for ways around, through, and over. Every setback becomes a set up. You don’t see the world like everyone else does anymore…it’s all beautiful and everything is dancing according to plan.

This reminds me of words attributed to Buddha:

when you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh to the sky

Get your chuckle on Lovers…..