Dear Winter….

Let’s be real..I’ve never been a raving fan of your work. My list of “favorite seasons” has fluctuated over the years; when I was a kid the Autumn made me happy, then Summer was on top for a while…nowadays Spring does great things to my heart. But you have always been last on the list. Consistently. Which is odd considering my two of my favorite days of the year (birthday and Christmas) happen during your reign. I’ve dissed you all of my life but today I want to end the beef.

Now I know what you’re thinking Winter. “Oh, I take it easy on you this year so now you like me huh? No lo confeo.”

But it’s not like that, I promise. You see, I have grown into an understanding of some things and it occurred to me that you serve your Purpose perfectly, without fail or distraction. And instead of lifting my fist in aggravation at your chilling winds, I can See you and learn from you. The fact is, I want to be just like you. I want to wait my turn while the other Seasons have their shine. I want to deliver the cold truth to the world. I want to spread across the land with focus, determination and Purpose. I understand now that you’re not my enemy, nor have you ever been. You’re a part of the functioning whole; a piece that never needs fixing, maintenance, or upkeep.

I love you, Winter. And I’m going to miss you when you’re gone. But I know you’re never really absent from us, only laying low and allowing the rest of nature to unfold. Spring rested well in your heart, now ready to move over us with her beauty. Summer sits silently in that bosom, nurturing the Fall, which gives you breath. I will remember you in the cool breezes of April, and again in the cold pool waters of July. I will conjure up an idea of you while I watch the leaves turn in October, and say a prayer for your happy return.

Thank you for giving me all you were capable of giving.