Horn Tootin

When’s the last time you tooted your own horn? Not to yourself, not to a close friend or lover, but in general conversation with any random individual. Isn’t it amazing how they’ve convinced us that being vocally proud of our accomplishments is something to be admonished? People who talk about how good they are will be frowned upon in this society. What manner of foolishness is this?

I was talking to my homegirl #TommyneedsTwitter a little while ago, giving advice and words or wisdom or what not. After saying what I had to say, good ol societal conditioning kicked in and stated, “but hey, it’s not like I know anything.”

It’s not like I know anything?

Tommy was quick to retort “You know lots of stuff! Why do you think I come to you and ask these kinds of questions?”

I’m thankful for that moment of clarity. I didn’t go in debt with the government getting a Masters degree in psychology to end up talking about “it’s not like I know anything.” I didn’t gain valuable life experience through a failed marriage and numerous doomed relationships to pretend like I don’t know a thing or two about how things work in the world. I’ve been places, seen things, and frankly I am very well informed.

“A man has a right to feel justifiably proud of himself” — Our Town …I’ve been quoting that line since high school but today it takes on a whole new meaning. Not only does one have the right to feel this way, we also have the right to express it to others.

So please, be beautiful by tooting your horn today. Tell somebody what you’re good at, list your accomplishments, don’t let the world fool you into believing you are smaller than you really are.