Kyle’s Cult

For the past three months I’ve been listening to this Kyle’s Cult podcast and from day one I wanted to tell everyone about this discovery.  Originally it was going to be a tweet, “hey everyone, check out this podcast, it’s really good.” Or something along those lines. I never got around to it though, mostly because 140 characters could never express my appreciation for the show. So I kept it to myself until Katy stumbled upon me listening one day and said “we should be listening to this together,” and went on to chastise me for not sharing awesomeness.

So here is an enumerated list of why I fervently and wholeheartedly recommend Kyle’s Cult:

1. On episode 1 Kyle played this video as an introduction to to the podcast. From what I gather, he had the good sense to record his thoughts upon becoming aware of what’s really happening. This is in stark contrast to some of us (me) who, upon being woken in the middle of the night from touch of divine revelation, wrote down the details of their enlightenment then proceeded to lose the document upon which Life’s secrets were revealed. I may as well have been dreaming.

Hmmm, maybe I was…that explains a lot. Anyway though…

2. Kyle and Diego are just trying to figure things out, just like the rest of us. Unlike most spirituality podcasts these guys do not present themselves as experts or anything of the such. There’s nothing wrong with expert podcasts, I listen to a number of them throughout the day. But it’s refreshing to hear a couple of funny dudes talk about detachment, spiritual growth, law of attraction (without using those words), etc. It’s fun, informative and not too heavy.

3. They are content with just being themselves. Ok, I get SO AGGRAVATED with Diego and his low mic having, non-talking, head nodding ass. But at the same time I feel immense appreciation for the fact that he’s just being himself. He’s not going to start talking loudly or interjecting input all of the time just because someone says that’s what you’re supposed to do on radio shows…apparently that’s not his style and I love him for it. Also, who says you have to have a plan when going on the radio? I mean, besides every other radio program I’ve ever heard. These two just turn on the mic and start talking. Again, I find myself a little aggravated at the circular nature of these conversations but they almost always lead to an understanding. They’ll be talking about something so random like the dangers of  putting your ipod on shuffle and then one of them will deliver a perfectly phrased insight into authentic living.

4. He puts himself out there. I can only imagine the guts it would take for a successful entertainer to start talking about the things that nobody talks about. He often speaks of the backlash he’s received from hosting comedy boot camps for upcoming comedians; I wonder what his peers say to him about hosting a podcast about…”what again?” Furthermore, he has the nerve to announce a 180 day raw food challenge to the world. He invites audiences to attend podcast recordings, knowing good and well he has no idea what’s going to happen during the recording session. He dedicates an entire episode to helping a newbie comedian work on his act which results in all of us learning how to be Present, Authentic and Emotionally Connected.

I think that was my favorite episode.

5.Who knows what’s going to happen next. These guys are in “Yes” mode…whatever Life leads them to do or say, they are going for it. And with that kind of attitude, anything is possible. This podcast could be the beginning of a thought revolution!

Remember that time I told you about Kyle Cease’s podcast and you listened to it and now your spiritual practice is on a hundred-trillion-million? We meditate everyday now! And we’ve detached from things that take our attention away from our Purpose like Facebook and Reality TV. I can hardly believe we completed that raw food cleanse together too though. That was amazing. I feel so accomplished these days! I’m very grateful for our practice. Thanks for taking my advice and sharing your path with me.

That was called Kylegoling(sp)….it’s a way of creating the reality you want, and it works..that’s how Katy got her new job. Yup. You can learn all about it on the podcast.

One final thing…DISCLAIMER: I’m only up to episode 20, so if episode 21 is about how Kyle and Diego come out in support of some foolishness like regulating women’s menstrual cycles because white Jesus doesn’t want anyone else to bleed but him, then I cannot endorse such things. Other than that, it’s a good listen.