Hari Om Tat Sat

It so happens that about every 5 years since graduating from grad school I end up reading “Laws of Spirit” by Dan Millman. It is definitely one of those books that keeps on growing and evolving as I do the same. The book culminates into the final law, “The Law of Unity.” Which basically breaks down how we are all one. Now I know what you may be thinking:

“Yeah yeah we’re all one. I’ve heard that a million times before.”

But what does it really mean?

Not coincidentally, I was doing some research on mantras and came across this website for Hari Om Tat Sat. For me, the highlight of this brief explanation was: “The creator and the creation are not two. The creator has not created creation, but has manifested or transformed himself into creation.” 

The first time this concept came to me was during my own Awakening experience, and since then I have tried to make sense of it through effort. But seeing it written so clearly, as an explanation of ancient philosophy, provides me with a sense of completeness when it comes to this understanding.

God is not separate from me anymore than I am separate from Life. Furthermore, nothing in our experience, including one another, is separate. “We are all the same Consciousness, manifesting in different bodies, the way leaves are part of the same tree.”

I’ve yet to put together how this God-Consciousness can manifest as something evil and cruel as it so often does. But I have faith that there is function behind every manifestation.

So I say all of that to get to this point: If we allow ourselves the clarity of mind to accept that God (MonkeyDrop) is everything and everyone…how would we change? How would we react to the driver that cuts us off in traffic? How would we treat the receptionist who stays having an attitude when you speak to her? Who would we disregard as meaningless? How would you act differently towards yourself, your body, and the stories you tell yourself?”

I think the answer to these questions are paradoxically easy to imagine and difficult to comprehend..but it is a good starting place for transforming our Presence within this experience.

To quote the great philosopher rapper Jay-Z:

“these are just my thoughts…”