Everything is Work

First of all I went to a party the other night and this happened:

Long live the time honored tradition of forcing your children to dance in front of company.

At the very same party, a slightly less awesome event occurred during a conversation I enjoyed with a lady I’d never met before. I cannot remember the details, but it culminated in her saying: “Everything is Work.”

I received such enlightenment from this simple phrase. When it comes to our Paths, there is no separation of Spirit work from Body work. So whether I’m at the gym, sweeping the house, or even watching television, I’m participating in the development of my Spirit in some form. By the thoughts I’m cultivating, the environment I develop around myself, and the level of immersion I allow myself to give into.

I think this is just a good reminder, not too heavy nor especially high minded. Knowing that I’m always working keeps the right thoughts peppered throughout my mind.

May Everything Be Work for you as well.