House Rules

We have this plaque hanging on our wall that describes “Family Rules.” It reminds us to help each other, be thankful, know you are loved, try new things, be happy, show compassion, be grateful, dream big, respect one another, and laugh out loud.

These are all good things, but really they’re not the house rules. As a Path Focused Family, those are just the basic requirements for being here. Our House Rules are subtler than these, simpler and significantly more complex at the same time. We repeat these House Rules to one another, well at least I repeat them to Katy and Maya as often as possible..they are:

1) Enjoy Yourself

Now yes, I admittedly have a Hedonistic philosophy when it comes to life. I believe it is to be enjoyed, savored,explored and conquered. All in moderation of course. But “Enjoy Yourself” is less of a function of my hedonist ideals than it is a reminder of one of the most basic laws of Spirit and Physics. We are surrounded by the exploration of this truth without ever fully comprehending its message.

The Law of Attraction, The Secret, “You reap what you sow,” “You are what you eat,” “Like attracts like,” and so on and so forth. Anais Nin puts it simply: “We do not see things as they are, we see them as WE are.”

And in case you’re like me, and you really want to believe the spirit side of things but could use a little help from physical evidence, then consider these findings from Quantum Physics. A quote from that article: “Your thoughts are not contained in your head — they are a part of the Quantum Field….When playing through your nervous system, the thoughts generate a vibratory field similar to that of a tuning fork. Thought vibrations interact and entangle with harmonically-resonant structures in the Field. Simply, we activate and bring into our lives the things that we think about the most. Psychologists reveal that over 70% of our thoughts are negative and redundant. Do the math!”

So “Enjoy Yourself” is not a call to hedonist practice, but a constant reminder that we are creating our experience in every moment. If we want peace then we must choose peace. If we want joy and excitement then we must be these things, even while performing traditionally mundane tasks. Enjoy Yourself is our way of dancing with Life, allowing it to do its thing while we shimmy along.

The thing to watch out for though, because “Enjoy Yourself” can become intoxicating, is getting caught up in the experience. These things that are happening in, to and around us are just things, they are not God, not Brahma, not Enlightenment, not Self, not Truth. This brings us to Rule #2:

2) Don’t Let Them Fool You

I wrote about this principle before and I’m sure I could write on it for days upon days and still have more to say. It remains one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned on this most recent foray into spiritual awareness.

We are born into a world that clogs our intellect. As soon as we are able to hear, we become inundated with messages about who the world says we are. “You are a Muslim.” “You are a big brother.” “You are American.” “Your name is Wyatt.”

On top of these messages is the pressure to socially conform, to fit in and not stand out in fear of being punished, or worse, ostracized.

In addition, there’s fear mongering. They tell you what you dislike and who’s doing things the wrong way. They get you to take a stand, to create distance between yourself and the Islamic Extremists, the Conservatives, the Canadians, the Socialists, the Homosexuals, the Mormons, the Racists, the Single Parents on Welfare, the people who walk their dogs but fail to pick up the poop. They give you ideals to “live for” and you forget what you came here to do.

Add to these things, Consumerism. At every turn there is an advertisement for the next thing that will fulfill your hearts desires. The input is unending; that way you never have to sit down and see for yourself that everything they ever sold you has fallen short of fulfillment. We still crave, we still want, we still desire. You can gain the whole world but yet that craving will remain.

So what is it then that we crave, if not this Stuff and these Experiences? The one thing, the only thing that will ever fulfill us is identifying with the One Soul. Call it God, Brahman, Allah, hell you can call it MonkeyDrop for all I care. Until we see for ourselves that MonkeyDrop is all there is and there is nothing more, then satisfaction will be like mist in the palm of our hands.

We remind ourselves in this family, “Don’t Let them Fool You.” Yes, it looks like they are having a great time out there. Those fancy cars sure seem comfortable. That food is quite delicious to the senses. Those girls at work sure do smell good. And yes, there are people who behave in ways that are different than us. How can the government tell a woman what to do with her body in a supposed Free Society? What are they teaching these New Jersey people in driving school? Did he really go on the radio and call that seemingly nice lady a “slut?”

Don’t Let Them Fool You is a reminder that it is all just stuff. We must keep our mind focused on The Truth even as we Enjoy Ourselves within the illusion. Prayerfully, it will be through the Enjoying that we experience The Truth.

Finally, a poem that illustrates what it looks like to employ these two rules with confidence and ease. I promise it’s worth the read.

All Love Everything,