40 Day Sadhana

For the past 10 weeks Katy and I have focused our attention on healing, opening, and clearing the Sacral Chakra. This area of the psyche governs latent thoughts, creativity, sexuality, and emotional expression. As you might imagine this is a lot of ground to cover and as we found out during the three months of work on the Root Chakra, we have barely scratched the surface. That being said, I have witnessed subtle changes in my attitude towards creativity, and my creative output has flourished these last few months. So it was no surprise that my heart made a quiet request to cement these attitude changes by directing me to complete a 40 day Sadhana.

A quick word on the practice of Sadhana. The term basically means “spiritual exertion towards some goal.” The amount of time a Sadhana takes varies, but 40 Days is widely referred to, throughout religious faiths, as the appropriate amount of time to complete a task. Jesus spent 40 Days in the desert. Moses spent three consecutive periods of “forty days and forty nights” on Mt. Sinai. Prophet Ibrahim spent 40 days in a fire and lived because Allah made the fire like flowers. So on an so forth.  Furthermore, there seems to be scientific reasons as to why 40 Days promote change within the consciousness. This guy gives a pretty good explanation of how this is true. I have done one 40 Day Sadhana in the past, the journey and results recorded in this blog.

This time around the directions are simple although the goal, once again, is clouded from the outset. All I know is my heart has instructed me to write, not privately as I have been doing everyday for these last few months; but publicly, in this blog format for 40 Days straight.

Normally I save blog posts for things that inspire me, ideas that I find intriguing and want to share. Hence, I write here once or twice a month, if I’m lucky. But in obedience to my heart, to Life and the Path I will return here every day and give of myself.

That doesn’t sound nearly as difficult as it feels. 

I cannot speak upon the quality of the content. But as I have been affirming for the past few months:

“Life will handle the quality, I will handle the quantity.”

So in respect to the gains I have made within myself over the past few months, and the help I’ve received (The Artist’s Way is a fantastic guide), I commit myself.

This was day One…Thirty-Nine more to go.


Oh! If you’re reading this and you feel like you have a topic you’d like to me give some thoughts on, please leave a comment or drop me an email. Lord knows I’ll be searching high and low for “what to talk about.”  Thanks in advance.