ONE THING (my birthday gift to you)

There’s only one thing to say, but an infinite number of ways of saying it. It’s mentioned in almost every conversation and hidden behind the wisdom of every quote you see tweeted and retweeted across your timeline every day. It’s the message of every sermon you’ve heard.  It’s what your grandmother was trying to tell you all those times with your hard-headed self.

You pray about it, journal on it, wish for it, crave it more than your conscious mind will ever let you fully grasp.

This thing, this One Thing, is so unattainable to the logical mind that it has no choice but to double back upon itself, forming a knot that ties you to this world.

It’s the reason why you wake up every day.

It’s how you’ve been able to overcome every hardship and painful setback in your life.

It’s why you keep going.

It’s nagging at you while you read these words, hoping to be revealed, needing to be expressed.

You feel it when you say “Yes.”

You sense it in the brevity between sleep and dream; in deep breaths and breathtaking moments. Your orgasm reminds you of how nothing compares to this One Thing. As you lay in a sweat, your lover beneath your arms, fulfilled yet empty. It’s not there, not anywhere in… revealed as all you really want.

One thing.

No one needs to tell you what it is. It is not possible to receive it from another.

You already know.

You are already there.


“silver and gold I have none…but such as I have I give to you” – Happy Birthday with Love.