Your Strength

Remember when Whitney told us to “find your strength in Love?”

Did you ever think about what she meant by that? No? I wouldn’t be surprised if she never thought about it just sounds like a really dope way to end that song.

But this morning it dawned on me that there may be something more to that statement than an awesome way of showing vocal range. It occurred to me that sometimes we get caught up in the displeasure of situations. You know it’s easy to feel the discomfort, the pain, and the disappointment. So we start saying things like “I hate this job,” or “I hate Mondays,” or “This relationship isn’t what it used to be,” or “I can’t stand working out.”

You get the point.

But we don’t make choices all willy-nilly; there’s a reason we go to work on Monday, then to the gym afterwards, then home to our partners. Every one of our choices are made as a result of the Love for Something. We work because we Love our independence, and our lifestyles. We exercise because we Love ourselves. We pray and meditate because we Love Life.

Even our unhealthy choices are motivated by our Love (read: Attachment) for things that may not be immediately serving us.

There’s beauty in being able to identify the Love that motivates our choices.

And as Whitney told us over 2 decades ago, It is Empowering to focus on this Love when faced with the distractions of living this roller-coaster, up and down, life.

Find your strength in Love. Yup.


(I gotta remember this when I’m in plank position later on today….)