You Know Who You Are

You know who you are.

So call upon yourself by turning in on a regular basis. Just sit with yourself sometimes. You don’t have to call it anything like meditation or prayer, just sit and create a space for silence in your life. No television, no music, no talking, reading, or playing games. Just sit and observe something about yourself.

And stay with whatever comes up. Don’t try to block it, solve it, recreate it, enjoy it or think too much about it. Just look at it. Notice where it came from, what kind of thinking led you to it, which part of You it originates from. How it affects your body and where it goes when you’re done being quiet.

Just sit and allow your sitting to inform you.

You know who you are.

So be yourself. You are not really waiting on anything. There’s nothing else around the corner; not a better job, or a better mate, or a more ideal situation than the one your entire life has created for you in the perfection of this moment. The clock is ticking, louder and louder with each night you spend in slumber. The day of your birth marked the beginning of your end. It is coming! The only thing left is death. That is all. Whatever you are to become between Life and Death is happening now, you cannot afford to wait.

Be yourself today. Indulge your loves, entertain your imagination, and toss aside the restrictions of your mind. Open up to the truth of who you are to everyone around you.

There’s a voice inside of you that perks up when you just ponder what it would be like to throw caution to the wind and Flagrantly Live in the manner you truly want.

Follow that voice.

You know who you are.

So whatever you do, what so ever you do, don’t let them fool you.

You can’t escape the messages, hell you are their message. Every time you side with the complainers, the worriers, and the discontented, you are sending a message to yourself and those around you that this is the truth of the world. The message tempts us to believe that What Is is not enough. The wool has been pulled over our eyes, blinding us to our power, our perfection, and our purpose.

They want you to take their rules seriously. Obey every law and adhere to every arbitrary cultural norm. They want you in line, to never rebel, to never question the things you are being taught about yourself, and the world you live in. Certainly you are to never question the beliefs they’ve spoon fed you since before your eyes could see.  Beliefs that form the barrier between who you are and who you are capable of becoming.

“This is how we maintain order,” “You don’t want chaos do you?”

Don’t let them fool you. Their order is not your order. Life is chaotic; it is a rambling mess of coincidences and happenstances that perfectly goes on and on.

But you know who you are. And in the midst of that chaos you are powerful and surrendered and capable of experiencing the bliss of being One with everything.

That is who You are.