A Story

Everything and Everyone has a story.

As we walk down the street, participating in our own novels, we cross paths with an eternity of unfolding stories. Tales that meet, then part, most often never to meet again.

You can never get a hold of someone’s personal history just by the smile or the scowl on their face. A conversation or two cannot completely reveal the nature of their passions, their visions, or their fears. Crossing paths with one another, story to story, we are just vague answers to each other’s often unspoken questions.

There is this man and this woman…an odd looking pair on paper. He’s outgoing, worldly, flirtatious, a good 10 years older than she, as the story goes. She’s beautiful and conservative, traditional in a cultural sense that his awareness can barely comprehend. They have few things in common, and are opposites in just about every way imaginable; it is said that if you asked him to give a direction and later asked her to give another, he will have said “North” and she will intuitively say “South.” He says “yes” to almost all of her “no’s.” He goes places she would never imagine herself going.

But it is said that this man and this woman share the deepest love either of them has ever known. Their story is full of little coincidences where they instinctively know when their lover is in pain; or in joy; or just merely thinking of the other. If she’s fast asleep and he leaves the room, she wakes up almost immediately, missing his presence. They love each other so deeply that they must argue every day. How else would individuals so different from one another learn to live with the other? Someone once called them soulmates, after hearing their story. And maybe that’s the best way to describe who they are to each other. But most people only see the dysfunction, the struggle and the incompatibility. But they are bound together by the “to the depths of my soul” knowledge that they were made to live this life together.

Many people believe they know enough of the story after hearing how this man and this woman met online, fell in love, and lived out their days together. But what a poor excuse for a story that would be. If you ever have the chance to hear their story in full, their 10 year journey of coming together, coming apart, and coming together over and over again, you would understand the depths of their commitment to one another, to themselves, and ultimately to the One Spirit that binds us all together.

More than anything, theirs is a story about dreamers. The moment they met, somewhere around the time when his hand first skimmed the hair on her arm, they became dreamers.  Or maybe that’s what they always were, but it was that moment that allowed them to briefly see the world as it is: “A projection of inner reality, the screen upon which Our Soul performs.”  In that moment they began dreaming. This man, this woman, bound to be together.

Inside of the dream they are in love, despite the fact that their personalities could not get along, could never get along. They dreamed of living together, although reality stated she was a product of her environment, and he of is, and the two could never be at peace. They dreamed of living from their heart, although up until that point they lived to the letter of the respective cultural laws.

Then a funny thing happened. They put action into their dream, making sacrifices for the unrealistic purpose of being with their Soulmate. Hearts were broken, families were upturned, and friends were lost. It is said he lost a lot of respect for some of the things he did; he admits that in the early stages of this dream they acted rash and without foresight. They were impatient and reckless and that’s probably why 2 years into their dreaming it looked as if it was all for naught. But even after a disastrous attempt at living out their ridiculous dream, their connection could never be severed. He always felt her presence and would call just when she needed, whether 6 days or 6 months had passed since they last spoke. She never lost the deep love she felt for him and no matter how skilled the suitor or perfect the match, she knew she could not settle for anything less than her most fantastic and improbable fantasies.

They learned a lot over the years, living out separate stories that would end up making their pairing at least bearable one day. She learned how to live independently; and found the strength of spirit that previously lay dormant inside of her. He learned how to be himself, and a basic understanding of the importance of sharing that self, Openly, with the ones he loves. Then they each found a peace within their respective lives, and within this peace learned to lean on faith, and on love, and on each other.

Their story is about how they decided to keep dreaming, and keep living, until their wildest, most unlikely desires were met.

Over 10 years later, at 6:24 on the morning of the Summer Solstice, they received a gift from whatever God oversees our illusion of an existence. It was more than just the gift of Life, more than just a shared bond for a couple of fools who believed in Love. It was the gift of knowing that Yes Kenneth, Yes Katy, Yes everyone who ever met the two of you and could not understand what you were doing, Yes…

Dreams do come true.

I love everything.


Living Proof Dreams Do Come True