I Need To Say

I Have Heard:

“i just want to say that i love my life. i really really deep down love this world, this life, this baby, my family. even when it feels like i’ll never get back to the gym or finish the projects that have been piling up for five months or return phone calls to loved ones or stop eating oreos”

On several occasions during group therapy, or in class, I have asked the group to finish the sentence “I Need To Say _____.” This exercise provides an opportunity for everyone to recognize how they are relating to the group and verbalize that state with others. It often results in a fairly powerful session in that it is a rare moment of honest speech and honest listening.

I’ve been stuck over the past few weeks, unaware of what to write about on this Be Beautiful and Dance blog. I refuse to write about just anything, as my words are a reflection of my inner-self and the focus of my being. I am dedicated to speaking only about the beautiful, the magical, and the love of existence. Which can be difficult at times because Life provides plenty of opportunities to make comments contrary to these things.

But when it comes down to it, what I NEED To Say is the same thing I am always saying: I sincerely love this life.

I know I haven’t made most of the most helpful decisions, and I know things haven’t worked out exactly as I have planned them in the past. I’m aware of the holes in my life, in my character and in this world. I see the struggle, the sadness, the pain. And yet, all of that taken into account, I know that it is beautiful and everything is all unfolding according to a perfect Process.

This is all I need to say for now.