Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

For God did not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (discipline, sobriety, wise discretion, self-control).

I recently referenced this verse Here but I wasn’t done talking about it, so I’m bringing it to the main page. It is true that fear is the antithesis of ambition and joy. It prevents us from experiencing the life we live and alienates us from the Life we worship.

But the fear described in the bible verse above is about more than those obvious effects of fearful living. It mentions power, love, and a sound mind as contrasts to fear/ indicating that living with a spirit of fear is analogous to being weak and powerless, selfish and without understanding, and living an out of control life.

Few people would identify their lives in this manner, although the overwhelming majority of us interact with the world this way. The best way to acknowledge and work with the several aspects of a fear mentality/spirit  is to begin paying attention to speech. Our lifestyle and our belief system are most often revealed through speech. The things we talk about, and what we say as we talk about them, go a long way in creating our perception of the world.

For example:

Language Used to Suggest I am Weak or Powerless


“He/She Did That TO Me”

“You MADE Me Mad”

“It’s TOO HARD.”

“This will NEVER WORK”


“That’s just the way I am, CAN’T CHANGE ME.”

“Why is this happening TO ME?”

Language that Suggests Selfishness and Lack of Understanding

“You SHOULDN’T do that.”


“CAN YOU BELIEVE what he/she was wearing?”

“I would Never do something like that To You”

Language that Suggests Living an Out of Control Life

“Nothing seems to go my way”

“Two steps forward, one step back”

“I can never get what I want”

“IF ONLY <insert desired situation here>”

“WHAT IF <insert hypothetical future occurrence that may come about to ruin your plans>”

“Life is hard.”

“I thought things would be different than this.”


These are just a few of the many ways we go about expressing our fear. It is my opinion and experience that you can improve your outlook on life just by recognizing, changing, and then eliminating statements like the ones above from your language altogether. So what are the words you’ve been telling yourself that contribute to the spirit of fear? Maybe some kind souls can help me grow this list and spread awareness of this simple mood-altering technique.

Always with Love.



2 comments on “Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

  1. Mel says:

    Sorry to be so late in relaying my thoughts.

    I really liked this post. You not only explained what you meant but you gave concrete examples that, I would imagine, many people say to themselves and others on a day to day basis. It really drives home the point. I am proud to say that my “vocabulary” is limited when it comes to feelings of powerlessness, selfishness and a lack of control.

    I also agree with Diosa. You should follow this up strong (not necessarily now…..but soon)….with the converse. What “vocabulary” supports a powerful, loving and purposeful life? Those are the ones that I’d like to focus on. 🙂

    ‘preciate ya!

  2. Diosa says:

    I feel like this is the great first half of this topic/post.
    What’s the language that represents power, love, and a sound mind?
    What are exercises we can practice that will get us out of thinking and speaking negatively?
    I ask a lot of questions JAJA~

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