Be Beautiful and Dance

I don’t know much. And by much I mean not really anything at all. But we are what we do, and one thing I do more than most is concentrated self-reflection. I haven’t been as many places as others have, or studied a variety of subjects in depth. I’m no scholar despite having earned advanced degrees. I am no monk, despite time spent in mediation and mindfulness training. My poems may fool some to think I am some poet but no, not I. I have eschewed the dogma of organized religion and chosen to follow the god instruction of my heart, so in no way am I a priest or holy man. (In NO WAY..ha!) And despite the classes I’ve overseen and the students I have loved, I am no one’s teacher. I have taken advantage of the blessings of this life, traveling beyond my station and engaging in studies further than many would have expected had they seen the conditions of which I was born and briefly raised.

Sometimes I wish I were these things: scholar, monk, poet, teacher, priest. And sometimes I’m allowed the opportunity to honestly  play the role for a period of time. I’m happy about that. I’m also happy that I am this regular, run of the mill individual, because through self-reflection I have learned that even I have a purpose and a part to play within infinity. Even I, no scholar, monk, poet, teacher or priest, am significant.

I will tell you that no matter who you are, what you have done and where you have been, you have a purpose for being alive. And for so long as you breathe, you have the paradoxical obligation and choice to fulfill that purpose.

I will tell you that Life is so good. Life is also the bitch they say it is. But it is SO GOOD, who has time to bitch when dancing in the blessings?

I will tell you that everything is happening according to the Process of Soul’s evolution. Our One Soul, shared by every sentient and non-sentient being; by every star, planet, comet, sun and moon in the universe.

I will tell you about dancing in the rain, singing the praises of those who disturb you, creating a beautiful world by stubbornly insisting on only seeing the beauty in all things.

I will tell you about Love.

Be Beautiful and Dance is my way of saying all of these things and simultaneously expressing the lessons I’ve yet to comprehend.