Finish Strong

Yes You Can!



December! My favorite month of the year, for no other reason than I chose this time to enter the world some 35 odd years ago. But December also brings a sense of unity, celebration, and good old fashioned Cheer. For many of us this is also a time of closure. We put the final touches on a year that surely had its ups and its downs. We use this time to reflect upon the accomplishments, lost opportunities, friendships gained and lost, that a year of being alive brings.

Well I just want to remind you that it’s not over yet! 2010 is still here and Yes You Can accomplish more goals before setting new ones for 2011. Why not finish strong and ride the momentum of your accomplishments into the next year? If you’re so inclined to play along with me on this, I’m going to list three things I know I can complete by the end of this year that I never got around to before now. If you have one or two or three things, I’d love to hear about them also.

But whatever you do, and I mean WHATSOEVER you do…be love…and be kind to yourself.

3 Things

1) Finish up this BDE Journal Project that’s taken me over two years to write. I only have 10 more weeks to finish and then on to the next phase…which I don’t know anything about..but the universe will take care of all of that.

2) Meditate every day for an entire calendar month. I’ve drastically improved my consistency with meditating over the course of this year, especially over the past few months. But one goal I’ve set that I haven’t completed yet is spending every day of the month in some form of meditation. I KNOW I can do this, it only takes focus and anti-laziness.

3) Write That Letter. It’s about time I try to make contact again, don’t you think?


Those are mine…what about you?