It Is What You Say It Is

A while ago I learned that we meet every moment with an interpretation. We turn that interpretation into an evaluation; and then we respond from that place. Things are as I say they are. At first I wondered why everyone didn’t just see everything as beautiful and be grateful for everything. But as I work towards creating that within myself, after all these years, I understand why we all don’t do it…Loving Everything is not easy. It takes work and redirection and pride swallowing and accepting things that I don’t like or agree with.

It’s easy to complain about the existence of Monday, long work weeks, annoying relatives and selfish friends. But the whole world exists through our perspective; things are as we say they are. When we complain we create a perspective of complaint; when we give thanks, we create a perspective of gratitude. Our ability to be happy within this world is drastically affected by which of these perspectives we choose to see the world through. What if we gave thanks for Monday because it affords us another opportunity to earn for our family or improve upon our trade? What if we experience sincere gratitude for those annoying relatives, recognizing how their existence has shaped our beauty? If we want to experience life fully, we must learn how to become grateful for everything, including the things we cannot understand.

One of the most important things I’ve learned to live:

Whatever is happening: Allow it. Love it. Give thanks for it. Watch how it then blesses you.




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    Blessings to you!

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