How Absurd!

Absurdity can be defined as “ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable.” If you have the time, take a moment and try to think of one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard in your life. Now imagine this ridiculous thing actually exists, is happening and is impacting your perception of reality on a day to day basis. Are you able to conceive of this incongruous or unreasonable reality or does it escape you altogether? In my experience it is almost impossible to imagine things to be other than how we believe they are. However it is also my experience that circumstances, reality and Truths usually turn out to be different, often far different, than what was originally formulated in my mind.

A certain absurdity has been nagging at my awareness for the past couple of weeks. I stumbled upon it while engaged in a conversation and ever since then everything I’ve read or seen or talked about has somehow reminded me of this absurd truth:


We are timeless entities: There are very few people, regardless of spiritual or religious viewpoints, who do not describe the human soul as something that is timeless. Whether your Judeo-Christian-Muslim views regard the soul as something that goes to “heaven”or “hell” after life-death; or the Hindu who believes in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. The idea of the timeless soul stretches back to pre-historic belief systems and may have been a part of our shared knowledge since the beginning of this Experiment. I have not met any person who’s revealed to me their lack of faith in the timelessness of souls. However I would find it interesting to discuss how they have reached their conclusions, as I believe they would have had to invest a great amount of introspection and un-learning to honestly argue against what seems to be a fundamental truth of our existence. So if you are one of these people, let me know so I can learn from you! Otherwise, you are like me, and you agree: We Are Timeless Entities. This means there is something that dwells within us that has always been and always will be. It cannot be defined, identified or measured. It just Is.

Caught within a Finite Existence: As timeless as our souls may be, we cannot escape the fact that life as we know it will end, and soon. Our participation in this portion of existence, in this form, as this expression of the Timeless is short and in the grand scheme of things, less than the time it takes for you to blink an eye. Scientists have determined (lol) that the universe is somewhere around 13.73 billion years old. Our 80 something years on Earth (and space if you’re an astronaut) is  .0000000004% of that time. To help illustrate .0000000004%:

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim is Forbes 2010 world’s richest man. Great for him. If you had .0000000004% of his wealth you’d have a whopping: $21.40 (say ahhh)

The longest flight in recorded history is the 8,285-mile flight from Newark to Singapore, which takes 18 hours and 50 minutes to complete. If you were to travel .0000000004% of that trip you’d move almost exactly one half of a centimeter. Yup. That’s life: half of a centimeter of time.

And when you’ve moved your half centimeter and spent your twenty-one dollars, the ride is over, the curtain comes down and the rest of your timeless existence is spent doing something else.

Struggling with how hard it is: Here lies the absurdity of it all. We complain and we groan; we begrudge certain days of the week, certain jobs, and certain family members.  We spend precious hours fighting with loved ones, fighting with ourselves, fighting with god and life and anything that looks like it’s in the way of…….what? Peace? Happiness? Achievement? Things being exactly the way we want them to be and no other way than that?  We say things like “it’s so hard” and “I can’t” and “this is too much,” and “I give up,” and “if only I were stronger, smarter, faster, older, younger, better, more focused, less distracted,” and on and on we go until next thing you know our half centimeter is upon us and we only have a couple of dollars left to spend.

But the truth is we have existed before and will exist beyond all of these things. There is no problem that will outlast or defeat us. The Truth is this: just as you cannot imagine how a “ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable” thing can exist, your Soul is having that same issue. Right now It is trying to understand why you’re allowing yourself to live Limited. It is confused by the lack of faith in Your Divinity. Your Soul keeps trying to wake up from this dream of confinement and all we have to do is sit back, relax and trust that We are Greater than whatever crosses our path. It’s the fear that is absurd, not the confidence. It is the noise that is absurd, not the silence. It is doubt that is absurd, not the faith. The complaining is absurd, the mistrust is absurd, and the distance and disconnection are all absurd. We are all One and we are all Timeless and We are All in Love with one another and everything within existence. Any other understanding is Absurd.



You know, like pointing a gun at Jack Bauer and thinking you're gonna get away with it...