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So far, so good. Two seasons down in 2010 and I’ve managed to not completely destroy myself and the world. But as Jackie Chan told Jaden Smith in the awesome Karate Kid movie: “Your Focus needs more Focus.”


Saw this quote this morning: “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

Unfortunately I’ve been tilting more and more towards enjoying the world as I plan my day every morning. Of course, this is not balance and frankly, I don’t know how Katy has allowed me to get away with it for this long.

I love the summer and I love using auspicious days as a means for starting something new. Especially refocusing. Now, since refocusing on this weight loss situation hasn’t been working out (neither gained nor lost so I can’t complain), I’m going to switch gears for a season and dedicate myself to something more important and possibly meaningful.

There’s a couple of things I can do to Focus on my Focus. But last night I was struck with the idea of dedicating myself to daily random acts of kindness. What better way to demonstrate L.A.G. than actively searching for ways to improve universal karma? We’re all connected, helping you helps me, what you give you receive and all that blah blah blah aside…I’m hitting up this RAOK for the entire summer as a means of staying focused on what is important. Loving. Giving Thanks. And remaining Present.

I found a list of 70 daily acts of kindness. So if you know me, hold me accountable. Ask me what today’s ROAK is from time to time. Make sure I’m posting updates here, not to show off, but to show up.

June 21 RAOK: 1. Open the door for another person.

Hmmm..I do this all the time anyway. BUT today I’ll do it mindfully.

Good things.

K ~on the path


One comment on “My Summer Post

  1. Katy says:

    too rude n personal for my own good 🙂

    I’ve “allowed” you to get away with it in an effort to balance the good and bad I feed you on a daily basis. Getting us to a point where our relationship can physically reflect what our souls have been manifesting since their first meeting has been my top priority, you know.

    I’ve discovered, disallowed, and limited the many habits you had which if continued would make it impossible for us to be together in this life as husband and wife~ held you accountable and responsible to us… and lets be real your ego has fought me every minute of it… continuing to ask itself “damn why am I still being bothered?”

    If I began to go beyond that before we’ve let that play and work itself out and started holding you accountable for how much good you are or aren’t doing a day it would be too much ~ too soon..

    Besides, what you are doing is harder. It is much easier to go out into the world and be kind to strangers than dealing with the family we’ve grown up with or friends and lovers who truly know us and we feel vulnerable with. I know it hasn’t been hard dealing with me :-).

    But you continue to show up every day and do it a bit better than the day before~ I am really grateful for this~ the rest will come… one thing at a time~ and the rest will come…

    Like one of my favorite universal laws teaches:
    the law of correspondence~
    Everything and everybody in the universe is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is no part of your life – no action that you take – that is not intimately connected with everything else. We can’t behave badly in one aspect of our life and not expect it to spill over into the other aspects of our life. Conversely, when we accumulate positive karma, it can improve every facet of our lives.

    Regardless of what area in your life you’re focusing on or improving the point is You (self/love/god/YOU) are improving… and then so is the universe.



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