It’s Been A long Time…

Not that anyone noticed but I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I’ve had plenty of things to say but lacked the motivation to say them. That happens a lot in my life. I’d rather just sit back and let things unfold around me as they naturally would. As with most things, anything done to excess becomes a problem. If I just sit back all the time without giving my voice to things, then the world misses out on my unique point of view. On the other side of that coin, giving my opinion all the time without letting things develop naturally would result in Verbal Pollution and I’d probably do more harm than good with my words. So of course this brings me back to having to find balance. Sometimes I need to speak up and sometimes I need to sit back and watch.

This may seem rather straightforward to you, but this is really a breakthrough for me. I’m beginning to better understand how I show up in the world and adjust towards the helpful and away from the harmful. Ok, enough about me for now…what about you? Where have you found a lack of balance in your world? Are you able to do anything about

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2 comments on “It’s Been A long Time…

  1. Celeste says:

    Hmm.. As I linger on the precipice of turning 39 then 40, I find myself with opposite resolutions as I would have expected. Rather than winding down, I am in a hurry to do many things and have a list of things I want to do. My opinions are FIERCER than ever. My will is even stronger. I had thought, and am working on, finding a way to forgiveness in the assumption it will bring peace. (and I did notice, and am glad you are blogging again).

  2. I’m also learning not to pollute my personal space with a lot of noise and everybody’s opinions. It’s better for me that way because I’m able to make my own decisions without the noisy world. I’m not sure why I exist? I’m learning to just float through life. =)

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