I See Divine Order

If you really believed that everything is in Divine Order, how would you be living? What would you complain about? Whose antics would you begrudge? What stress would bring you down? What could happen in this world, natural disasters included, that would disturb your peace?

Romans 8:28 (yeah, I’m getting all scriptural up in here) says: “All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”

My Agnosticism thinks the words “Lord” and “God” and things like that are loaded and under-representative so I pretty much always replace these terms with “Life.” Life encompasses all that we are, all that we know and all that is. Life does not need to be proven or debated, it is everything. This fits my understanding better than the idea of some great overseer who judges my every thought and action. So then:

“All things work together for the good for those who love Life and are called according to Its purpose.”

This mantra keeps me centered because it allows me to chill when times get tough. Car accident? I’m chillin. Some friend talks about me behind my back? Straight Chillin. This job falls through? I’m good. Hateful bosses, traffic, unexpected bills, every bump in the road. I’ve noticed that most people insist on complaining about the things that I see are all working together for my good. So long as I am 1) Loving Life and 2) Living according to Purpose.

Recently @livesacred tweeted this gem: “All things work together for good for those that have heighten awareness, proving that all things serve us in our pursuit to greatness.”

I love this interpretation of the scripture because it does not take away from the original meaning. No matter the name you give to our Source (and as Joyce says, I don’t think Source cares at all what name you use), you are living from a place of heightened awareness when you actively love “the Lord,” “God,” or “Life.” Furthermore, our Purpose Is our Process. We are created within greatness, by greatness, to become greatness.

Through the lens of this truth is how I choose to see the world. From what I can tell of Spirit and nature, nothing can stop it from developing into what it is destined to become. I know there’s negativity out there, there is evil, there is true disaster and devastation. But Divine Order reigns over all of these things. This is why I cannot complain when it is my turn to suffer. This is why I can feel sad and simultaneously grateful for my sadness.

So. If you REALLY believed that everything is in Divine Order. What would you do differently? What would you talk about to your friends? What would you write about? What would you tweet about? Would living this way improve your connection to Love?

Food for thought.