The Definition Part 2: I Am That, That I Am

The Question: “How do I become less involved in the pleasures of the world and stay more focused on my Purpose?”

I arrived at this question because I found myself loving the distractions and not loving Life. Life being the underlying truth of existence, the beauty that is inside of everything and everyone. Life is the paradoxical nature of the universe. Life is all there is, but more than that. Loving Life includes loving the distractions, but it cannot end there. I must first, and foremost, love the Purpose.

My distractions include parties, kickball, drinking, idly hanging around with friends, playing dungeons and dragons, eating, playing around on the internet (dang twitter!), video games, women, etc. I have constantly chosen to indulge myself in these things instead of doing things that contribute to Purpose. It’s a fine line I’m walking because I know my Purpose INCLUDES doing all of those things. So it’s not as simple as living a “chaste and clean” life by eliminating worldly pleasures. No, the worldly pleasures are here for a reason. They are here for me to enjoy, benefit and learn from.

Being a Hedonist is not about over-indulging in pleasures as many people assume. True hedonistic thought does not support over-indulgence in any form. It is merely the practice of seeking pleasure as often as possible, for as long as possible. I align myself with Hedonistic philosophy because it makes sense to me that I came to this world to enjoy it, not deny it. I am here to participate in the wonders of living as opposed to shunning experiences in an effort to please some overseer. But I am also here to evolve spiritually and to assist others with their evolution.

So I’m clear on My Purpose, as I understand it now. I am open to the fact that this may change as I continue to grow and learn. But I’m not clear on how to intermingle devotion to Spiritual Evolution with devotion to Worldly Desires. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh KenJos, you’re supposed ‘to be in the world not of the world.'” That is a popular phrase among those of us with a Christian background and I am sure there are similar thoughts across the religions. Yeah, the thing about that is, I just don’t agree. As stated before, I do not think the pleasures of this world are meant to be distractions for us. We allow them to be, we attach ourselves to them so they become distractions; but these experiences are here for US. If I do not enjoy myself while I’m breathing, I might as well slap Life in the face and curse the universe! So that being said, I’ve been trying to figure out how to be of the world and of the spirit at the same time. That is my path and my journey. Tricky, I know, hence the urgency and passion behind the question I posed to the guru in November: “How do I become less involved in the pleasures of the world and stay more focused on my Purpose??”

Part One of this discussion covered her response to me and the steps I took to live myself into the answer. I love Life so much. It provides us with exactly what we need to know at the exact moment we are ready to know it. This reminds me of the Matrix when the Oracle first meets Neo but fails to tell him he’s the One. She could have answered all of his questions and given him the truth right then and there, but he would not have understood it. He would not have known what it means to be The One. He could have disputed it in his mind or said “oh this lady is crazy,” and went on about his business. Morpheus tells him “She told you exactly what you needed to hear, that’s all.” And this is what Life does for us all of the time. Telling us exactly what we need to hear. Our questions, our dilemmas, our struggles: these are exactly what we need, that’s all. It is up to us to live into the answers. It is up to us to walk in our power, our talents, our abilities; to overcome the challenges and pitfalls of living through the strength that is inherent within us, and by doing so, realizing we are all The One. The One person designed and chosen to fulfill a certain Purpose. You LIVE until you discover what it is. You LIVE some more and discover how to do it. You LIVE even more and discover who you’ll be doing it with. You LIVE and LIVE and LIVE yourself into every answer, every understanding and every solution. So I lived myself into an understanding. And just like Neo, when I went back to the Oracle, I was ready to hear the simple Truth:

“Your spiritual path is not separate from your daily activities. They are one in the same. You’re spiritual path has nothing to do with coming to Satsang or being among masters and gurus and saints and preachers and churches and synagogues. Your spiritual path is what you carry with you into these places. And it’s the same thing you carry with you into every other place you go. Your spiritual path is inside of you, it’s Who You Are as you’re playing kickball or dungeons and dragons or eating delicious meals or tweeting or even imbibing delicious cocktails and beer. Your spiritual path is always the same, no matter what you are doing.”

These words may not mean much to you. But as I heard them, tears formed in my eyes, my heart swelled in gratitude and understanding. My entire world was touched. In that moment I realized what was missing while I engaged in “worldly pleasures.” I was leaving mySelf out of them. I would forget or overlook or just plain ol deny the truth of my existence while participating in anything that wasn’t clearly related to my spiritual evolution. I was so hard on myself because I chose to play kickball on Wednesday evenings in the fall instead of going to Satsang; but the truth is, I Am Satsang. I don’t need a building or a gathering or a master to be that, although it helps; I only need to be aware of it and live it in everything I do.

I was released from guilt and ignorance. I received full understanding and am now aligning my life so that I am able to fully embrace mySelf. How exciting!

But Life wasn’t finished with me yet. Apparently I was ready for a deeper understanding of this truth. As I discussed this revelation with my soul, I stumbled upon what being present to My Divinity actually means for me. And yes, this is a teaser for Part 3. 🙂