You wanna let go?

I’ve noticed that the subject of cutting emotional cords, or connections, has been on the mind of a lot of people lately. Each week at Satsang someone brings up a struggle they’re having that inevitably leads to a discussion about how to cut these ties. I’ve remained on the outskirts of these discussions but interested because I knew My Turn would soon come to experience what they were going through.

While sitting in meditation on Monday, I noticed some emotional and physical ties to my previous relationship that had yet been cut and was preventing me from fully moving forward. Out of respect for the moment, I acknowledged it and set it aside for further investigation. I was thinking Life would get around to revealing the answer to me a week or two. But not even one hour later, a friend of mine asked:

“whyyyyyyyyyyyy is it so hard to leave when you know u should?? i need a simple answer. pronto.”

I was slightly aggravated by the question in the moment, but began to love it for the very reasons I felt anxious about it:

1) “Whyyyyy is it so hard to leave when you know u should?”  This IS the question. And I would have loved to just answer it, debate on it, research it, play around with it. But:

2) “I need a simple answer.” This immediately moved the question out of my head and into my heart. There are no simple answers in the head. But the simplicity of eternity dwells in the heart. By changing my focus I was beginning to develop a response, but then:

3) “Pronto.” By asking me for an immediate response, I had no choice but to tell the Truth, as my heart understood it in that moment. No time for theories or political correctness or saving feelings. Just the Truth.

And so the truth of my heart responded:

“i wish the answer was simple..There are many factors that go into it…we develop strong connections in the emotional/spiritual, physical, and mental bodies that hold us to things, people, and places, even when they are obviously not working for our is not until we can sever a least one of these connections that we can begin to move forward..but we have to keep working on severing the others, or else we run the danger of being pulled right back into the situation or a similar one.”

I have since thought on this answer and have determined that it becomes infinitely easier to cut the other cords when we’ve severed the emotional cord. So I’ve decided to share a Cutting Cords ceremony for everyone, in case there are some things from 2009 that are still with you. Or some things from 1999 for that matter. 🙂

1) Cord cutting takes energy and is not passive, so you must be well rested and relaxed. You will be active (as oppsed to asking God or a Healer to do this for you) and intentional, so you must be committed to letting go. The decision to let go must be made in your mind. No more debating. You may not like it, you may be sad about it..that’s ok, as a matter of fact, that’s part of the reason you’re doing this! But it is important that you have made up your mind that it needs to be done.

2) It is best to do it at a time when you can be alone and are assured of not being interrupted. Have yourself in a prayerful meditative state and well grounded. Music is fine, but it is best to save it for afterwards, when you may simply want to relax and enjoy the feeling of peace. If playing music before helps you to get into it, that is fine, but playing during, for some might be distracting.

3) You will be applying Oils to the various chakra points on your body, so be sure to use oils that are helpful for the cord you are severing. A list of Essential Oils for the chakras can be found here.

4) While standing, allow yourself to become centered and grounded, feeling your connection to the earth.

5) You might want to start by calling out loud upon God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Shiva, Mahavatar Babaji, your spiritual guides, or saints, angels etc, to help you with this process. You can also ask to have your Higher Self as well. Allow yourself a few minutes to feel the energies you are calling upon, to feel your lower chakras being grounded in the earth and your top four chakras opening and receiving the sustaining assisting energies of those you have invited and asked for help. You will receive assistance but it is YOU who has to cut the cords.

6) Visualize a powerful sword in your hand. Allow yourself to really feel the sword in your hand. Experience it. Even if you are not able to feel anything Trust that this process is happening. Begin to say out loud “I now cut and release the cords of this relationship (say the name),” and while you are saying this begin to move your arms as if you were holding a sword and cut all around you. You want to cut all around your body, remembering to cut above you and send intent, and or visualize the sword going below you to cut the roots of the relationship.

7)  When you feel you are finished with that person/relationship/situation pause and let yourself feel it, and scan, get your sense of whether you think you are done with this particular relationship, then go on to others. It is best not to overtire yourself and only do a few relationships in one cord cutting ceremony. For some, you may also need to say goodbye, I release and let you go (remembering to say the name). 

8 ) When you feel you have done enough for this session, pause and breathe for a minute or so. Allow your heart to really open and feel your connection to yourself and the Divine. This allows your Higher Self and the Divine Spirits of your path move into the void you just created.

9) Give thanks and relax.

This may seem like a lot but I believe it’s worth it. This may seem “far out there” to some..but holding on to dead relationships, draining situations, unhelpful companions is way more ‘out there’ than performing a ceremony for yourSelf. You can do all or some of what’s written here, but it is important that you do Something and your intention is clear.

That’s all. I love you.


(The ceremony presented here is an abridged version of THIS. I hope they don’t sue me. Heh)