Agnosticism pt 2 — I’m A Loser Baby

“Do not seek the truth. Only cease to cherish Opinions.” – Zen Saying

We expend an incredible amount of time and energy searching. In adolescence, we are trying to “find ourselves.” As we get older, we try to “find a meaningful purpose.” We are constantly trying to find an emotional and romantic counterpart to our existence. We do all of this searching as if these things were hidden away by some fantastic practical jokester who left ambiguous clues to their whereabouts. We search as if these things were somehow lost and now we must spend our days in a never-ending scavenger hunt.

Agnosticism proposes a different direction.

By allowing myself to acknowledge the confines with which I meet existence, I lose the need to look for anything other than whatever the universe brings. By understanding, admitting, and submitting to the fact that I do not know, will never know, and that all human knowledge is relative, I am able to comprehend how a lifetime of searching is in vain. I could never know exactly what I was searching for, nor would I be able to ascribe it real meaning should I somehow stumble upon it. Therefore I have learned, and must continue to develop with practice, the art of living in the moment…living for Life’s sake…accepting what I have and making the best of it as well as I can until the Universe sees fit to intercede and further my process. Within the sincere appreciation of the gift of Life, I want for nothing.

Sometimes I have to catch myself lamenting existence because living can be hard, as I am sure you would agree. However, it is during these times that I catch myself, look around at the miracle of living, and say, “How dare I ask for more than all of this?” Agnosticism is the recognition that all things exist and will exist, regardless of whatever faith one may practice. It is surrendering to the perfection of the universe by saying, “I do not know how any of this came to be…but thank you.” Agnosticism is not the absence of worship. To the contrary, it allows you the freedom to worship fully; without the distraction of searching for people, answers or meaning. None of these can ever be understood within the confines of our humanity anyway.

Losing the need to search for anything more than what I already have creates the space needed for real experience to occur.