Relationship Gut

I was told I should write a blog about relationships because “it seems to be a popular topic these days.” Unfortunately I’m nobody’s expert on such things as I’ve spent the better part of 15 years stumbling in an out of them like a blind man without a walking stick. But then I saw this funny episode of How I Met Your Mother and was isntantly inspired. The old addage, “write what you know,” came to mind and if there’s one thing I know about, it’s Gaining Weight.

Yeah, I’ve been gaining weight ever since I could remember. I was a slim child until the second grade when apparently the fat and lazy gene kicked in, and well, the rest is history. I’ve been eating and sleeping ever since. <On a quick side note: It feels kinda strange to be facebook friends with certain people who used to pick on my rotundness back in 6th grade..not mentioning any names though.> But that decadae of weight gain pale in comparison to what happens when I am in a relationship. Allow me to quickly present the facts:

A. Freshman year in college: Everyone is familiar with the Freshman 15. But after settling down with Treva “Passion” Boyd, I took it to a whole other leve with the Freshman 30. That’s right…30 extra pounds on someone who was already overweight. Not a good look. Of course, University Meal Plans, a slight bout of Depression and a downright refusal to walk across campus for anything other than food all contributed to problem.

B. Marriage: This was the biggest one of them all. I was married at the ripe old age of 23 (kids, don’t try this at home). I was in my physical, sexual and intellectual prime! I was in the best shape of my life, weighed 220 at the start of the relationship, 240 in that picture we took on the beach on our honeymoon, and 285 by the time divorce papers were signed. Yes, TWO HUNDRED EIGHT FIVE POUNDS. You went to college, you do the math.

C. RIGHT NOW: Over the summer, While My Girlfriend Was Out Of Town, I was a weight loss and gym fanatic. I lost over 40 pounds of fat, built up mad muscle and was just about ready to claim the lost god of sexy title from my pre-marriage youth. But then she came back and now all I do is eat delicious foods and play backgammon. I don’t even try. Just shameful.

So I wanted to write this blog to increase awareness of this problem and hopefully as a reminder to myself to get off my lazy butt, eat less and move more. Please share your own expeirences with me and maybe we can just motivate each other to do better.




2 comments on “Relationship Gut

  1. kenajos says:

    Nope not boring at all. I didn’t know you had diabetes but I do remember you gaining mad weight while pregnant. And apparently sex takes care of all your problems Ldy…you be like “oh, I had bad acne but sex took care of that.” Anyway, thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. D Nash says:

    I get fat when I get pregnant. not just pregnant but fat everywhere, face, hands, etc. 40 extra pregnancy pounds is NOT a good look for my height. But then after I have the baby i get dangerously skinny. Then i seem to work back up to just right in time to get pregnant again. But PRIOR to the last 3 years, I stayed a good size. Im short and cant afford to gain much weight anddd I have diabetes. I eat no red meat and almost nothing white. Sex seems to work for me as a calorie burner and I swim. Since I cant drive I also walk the kids to swim team in the morning and then back and also to school every morning. dunno what else to tell you. Reading this over, it’s very boring and i may not hit enter.

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